Database configuration

PostgreSQL configuration for source/Debian-package istSOS installation

Decide where to install the PostgreSQL database. Most of the times installing the database on the same machine is ok.

Install PostgreSQL and PostGIS

sudo apt install postgresql postgis

Change the postgreSQL password

sudo -u postgres psql -c "alter user postgres password 'postgres';"


replace the example password with something stronger if you like

Create the istSOS database

sudo -u postgres createdb -E UTF8 istsos
sudo -u postgres psql -d istsos -c 'CREATE EXTENSION postgis'

Now your istSOS server is ready to be used.

PostgreSQL configuration for docker-compose installation

PostgreSQL is ready and configured in the istSOS docker-compose version. You should only set database parameters on istSOS database page.

Launch administration page

If everything has gone well, you should see the administration page at this address:

Configure postgreSQL on istSOS

To connect istSOS to postgreSQL, click on Database section and set database parameters. If you don’t change postgres parameters in docker-compose.yml you should edit only the host field with the name of the docker-compose service: istsos2_istsos-db_1. Test connection and press submit.


Check running database service

Eventually edit host field using the listed postgres service.

docker ps | grep istsos-db

Change postgreSQL password

If you like, you can replace the example password with something stronger editing the POSTGRES_PASSWORD variable in the docker-compose.yml .

Using local or remote postgreSQL

Feel free to use your local or remote postgreSQL, you should only comment or delete the istsos-db service section in the docker-compose.yml and set the right database parameters in the database page.