Registering new sensors

From the “services” drop down button choose the “demo” instance.

Some advices:


  • Once a procedure is created the outputs (observed properties) cannot be changed.
  • Before registering new sensors it’s advised to initialize missing observed properties and unit of measures.
  • Procedures with multiple observed properties: Is it possible to add new procedures observing more than one properties, but in istSOS this means that for each observation instant we have a list of all the observed properties values. e.g.: if a procedure that observes temperature (T), humidity (H) and rain (R) is created the time series will always have a list of 3 values [T,H,R] for each instant. If you try to insert an observation with two only values it will raise an exception

Add the procedure GRABOW with multiple observed properties (sensor station)

Let’s use the following settings for the station in GRABOW

Description: Enorasis Meteo Station in Grabow, Poland.
Keywords: weather, meteorological,IUNG-PIB
System type: insitu-fixed-point
Sensor type: Meteo Station
EPSG: 4326
Coordinates: x: 22.67 y: 51.25 z: 177

Add relative humidity

Observed property urn:ogc:def:parameter:x-istsos:1.0:meteo:air:humidity:relative
Unit of measure: %
Quality index check: Between / from 0 to 100

Add air rainfall

Observed property: urn:ogc:def:parameter:x-istsos:1.0:meteo:air:rainfall
Unit of measure: mm
quality index check: Between / from 0 to +500

Add air temperature

Observed property: urn:ogc:def:parameter:x-istsos:1.0:meteo:air:temperature
Unit of measure: °C
Description: conversion from resistance to temperature
Quality index check: Between / from -40 to +60

Add wind velocity

Observed property: urn:ogc:def:parameter:x-istsos:1.0:meteo:air:wind:velocity
Unit of measure: m/s
Quality index check: Between / from 0 to 200

Add solar radiation

Observed property: urn:ogc:def:parameter:x-istsos:1.0:meteo:solar:radiation
Unit of measure: W/m2
Quality index check: from 0 to +500

Optional parameters fill at your own need and willing


Register the new sensor (procedure) pressing the “submit” button.

Add other procedures

In order to speed up the “boring” process of inserting all the other procedures we have prepared a script. Open a terminal and run:

cd ~/Desktop/Tutorial
python fill/


Feel free to analyze the code to understand the process and eventually create your own script to import new sensors in the istSOS server.

Verify the inserted procedures using the administration interface

Check your procedures by accessing the “Procedures” panel. You will see a table showing an abstract of all the inserted procedures. By clicking on the name you will be able to enter the details metadata that you configured during the procedure registration.


The “Procedures” panel not only allows for procedures and metadata exploration but also allows details modification. The only exception are the outputs parameters.

Verify the inserted procedures using the Sensor Observation Service requests

Let’s execute a getCapabilities request to verify if procedures are now available:


Let’s execute a describeSensor request to verify that the procedure description is available:




Procedures are stored in the SOS with a uniqueID which is urn:ogc:def:procedure:x-istsos:1.0:XXXX for procedure named XXXX.

istSOS, as we can see later for other parameters also, is not strict and allows to specify just the procedure name in the request.