istSOS workshop version 2.3.0

Exploring the Sensor Observation Service Standard Enhanced by IstSOS Special Features

The workshop will give the audience all the necessary skills to deploy the istSOS server for managing and dispatching sensor data. Moreover attendees will be introduced with all the extra features that istSOS offers.

The workshop will cover the following sections:

  1. Introduction to the standard and to istSOS
  2. Installation of the software
  3. Set-up of the service
  4. Registering new sensors
  5. Inserting observations
  6. Manipulating observations
  7. Validation of observations
  8. Create virtual sensors
  9. Dynamic aggregation
  10. istSOS RESTful API overview
  11. Mapping sensors and data with OpenLayers 3
  12. Plotting observations on the Web
  13. Connect Open Hardware & Sensors with istSOS
  14. Setting up the istSOS web notification service

Tutorial material

  • A folder containing all the files necessary to follow all the sections of the tutorial [download]

Virtual Machines (to run the virtual machines you need to install VirtualBox)

  • Workshop-clean VM, get your hand dirty with all the sections listed above! [download]
  • Workshop-ready VM, istSOS and all the dependancies are installed, so you go just through the configuration part. [download]