Observation Offerings

In the Sensor Observation Service 1.0.0 the concept of an Observation Offering is equivalent to that of a sensor constellation. An Observation Offering is analogous to a “layer” in Web Map Service because each offering is typically a non-overlapping group of related observations.


Create a new offering

Press the “new” button and fill the form as following:

Name workshop
Description demo dataset
Expiration (optional) 2020-01-01T00:00:00+09:00
Visibility Enabled

Associate procedures with offering

Activate the tab panel pressing “Offering-procedure memberships”. In the dropdown list select the newly created offering “workshop”. On the left side you will see all the procedure that will be assigned to that offering. On the right there are all the procedures not assigned to that offering. Use drag and drop functionality to move procedures from right to left.

Verify that procedures are associated with offering as desired

Then check the getCapabilities request to see what happened.



The “temporary” offering is system wide offering that is used to associate every registered procedure. Every new procedure is automatically assigned to this offering.


In SOS version 2.0 Offerings are considered as containers for sensor summary information and thus are in a 1:1 relationship with sensors.

istSOS answers to a getCapabilities request with version=2.0.0 parameter automatically assigning an Offering for each sensor naming it with the SENSOR_NAME.

Verify that procedures are associated with offering as described